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By David Callan

Not by any sense of the word is search engine marketing a secret. However there are secrets and tricks to search engine marketing. In this article we'll try to successfully educate you on the different factors which contribute to SEO, SEO is becoming a 'Hot Word' in Internet marketing

In case you don't already know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a vital part of any online marketers quest for success.

It means preparing your website with the 'right ingredients' for the search engines to 'like' it. If they 'like' your site you can expect to get hundreds if not thousands of free visitors from them.

In fact some research has found that at least 65% of traffic to websites comes from search engines. This is just a general figure and of course varies depending on the other marketing methods you employ, however this figure does give you an indication of how important SEO is to any online business.

OK now we'll go through the different factors which affect your sites ranking. First things first!

Choosing the right keywords Keyphrases

With most of the big 'useful' engines now operating express submission services you will want to spend your dollars wisely. Do You want:

  • Highly targeted visitors?

  • Very good visitor to sale ratios?

  • Lots of profits?

If you answered yes to these questions, then forget about choosing the rights keywords, realize the benefit of keyphrases. This approach is likely to generate much higher click through of highly qualified visitors.

Let me explain this to you - How many people do you think search for the word music? ''A lot'' - How many results come up for music ''A lot''. What do you think your chances of appearing near the top are, well I'll answer that one for you. SLIM TO VERY SLIM. Not to worry though because visitors who click-through to a site after searching for music are not highly targeted, you don't know if they're searching for:

  1. music tickets

  2. music lessons

  3. music CDs

  4. music related equipment

  5. music software

  6. music news

  7. etc., etc., etc.

It's so vague that your time and effort would be better spent on other methods.

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