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Search Engine Submission (cont'd)

Mass Search Engine Submission

Although we suggest that you submit your site to the major search engines manually, you may wish to to use an automatic submission tool (see Free Web Tools) or paid service to submit to the many smaller search engines and directories.

Web Launch URL Submission Service - Submit your site to top 34 search engines for FREE.  There is no obligation whatsoever for this free service (however, we appreciate your linking to us if you find this service useful).  If you need more exposure, we can submit your site to over 300 search engines for just $4.95.


After Submitting

After submitting your site to the search engines, check them periodically to make sure that it's listed.  Your site may not appear in the search results because the crawler has not gotten to it, yet.  Resubmit if you wish.  Resubmitting a site that has been submitted already won't help your site get listed faster, but it won't hurt, either.  If your site is listed but is poorly ranked in the search results, check its html to make sure it's properly optimized for the keywords that you are targeting.  Even well-optimized, content-rich sites may not get ranked highly at first because of poor link popularity.  In that case, keep promoting it the word gets around.

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