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Web Directory Submission

Submitting your site to web directories is an indispensable step to successful link building.  Web directories drive traffic to your site through direct referrals as well as provide static, one-way links to your site, increasing your link popularity and ultimately improving your search engine rankings.

Since very few directories accept automated submissions, submissions must be made by hand, which can be very time-consuming.  Each submission may take several minutes, depending on the requirements set by the directory and the complexity of the submission form.

We offer professional manual web directory submission service to save you time and improve your chances of getting listed.  Just fill out a simple form and we will hand-submit your site to hundreds of SEO-friendly web directories for you. We track a large number of directories on the web, paying close attention to their PageRanks, submission guidelines, site acceptance rates, and other important characteristics.  This lets know where and how to submit your site to ensure the highest chances of getting your site listed quickly.

For as little as $0.07 per directory, we provide:

  • Professional manual submission to up to 500 directories
  • Bonus submission to over 150 search engines (on submission ALL packages) - $5 Value!
  • Bonus guaranteed inclusion on 30+ directories that we own (on 300+ directory packages) - $25 Value!
  • Bonus featured listings on 2+ directories (on 400+ directory packages) - $40 Value!
  • Ten day (or less) turnaround. If you need us to submit over a longer time span, simply contact us. We'll be happy to accommodate!
  • Extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring the highest chances of acceptance for your site
  • Submission report listing directories where your site was submitted
  • BEWARE of other companies or individuals who offer to submit your site at unreasonably low rates. Manually submitting to web directories is time-consuming work, taking as much as 2 to 3 minutes per directory to ensure that your site is submitted to the correct category and that all directory guidelines are followed. Some unscrupulous companies may promise to submit your site to "500 directories for $20" but will actually submit it to only 20 to 30 directories, if at all.

To place an order, simply choose one of the following packages and make your payment through PayPal.  You'll then be taken to a form to enter your site information.

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