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Pay-Per-Click Advertising (cont'd)

Below is a table listing various popular pay-per-click programs.  When considering these programs, pay attention not only to the minimum bids, but also to other important factors, such as traffic of the programs' distribution networks, monthly minimum spends, minimum deposits, and mechanisms of fraud protection.

Program Min. Deposit Min. Bid Pros Cons
Google AdWords $5 $0.05
  • Largest search engine in the world
  • A low $5 startup fee
  • No monthly minimum spending required
  • Excellent tutorials and support documentation
  • $0.05 minimum bid for any keyword
  • Ads that do not meet Google's expected cost-per-click and click through rates get reduced exposure
Overture $30 $0.10
  • Boasts a reach of 80% of all internet users; shows ad on Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista, CNN, InfoSpace, and ESPN in addition to Overture
  • Excellent Keyword Selector and View Bid tools
  • Excellent tutorials and support documentation
  • $0.10 minimum bid for any keyword
  • Minimum monthly spending of  $20
  • Removes poorly performing ads $10 $0.01
  • Low minimum initial deposit
  • Low minimum keyword bid
  • No monthly spending requirement
  • Generous affiliate program
    encourages  web publishers to insert WebLaunch search box on their sites, increasing exposure of your ad
  • Offers downloadable toolbar to allow visitors to perform search without visiting
  • Relatively low traffic compared with the major PPC search engines
SearchFeed $25 $0.01
  • Low minimum bid/no monthly spending requirement
  • Pays close attention to potential conversion rates for advertisers through stringent traffic criteria and their TrafficAnalyst system
  • Mass keyword submission capability
  • Geotargeting capability
  • Account activation takes at least two days
  • Minimum deposit of $25 (nonrefundable)
  • Relatively low traffic 
7Search $25 $0.01
  • Low minimum bid
  • Distribution through,,,,, Looksmart, and Pageseeker
  • No monthly minimum
  • Shows popularity of your keyword along with the bid amount and ranking while you're bidding
  • E-mail notification when you are outbid for the top ranking on a keyword
  • Keyword mapping feature allows  your ad to be displayed when near matches to your keywords are searched on
  • $25 minimum deposit to open an account
  • Accepts only websites that deal with travel, gaming, and website owners
  • Available only in English-speaking countries
FindWhat $25 none
  • BidOptimizer™ tool allows you to bid for a specified ranking, not just for the top ranking
  • Distribution through CNET's,, Webcrawler, MetaCrawler,, and MS Explorer Autosearch.
  • High click to sales ratio
  • Shows ranking of key term at time of bid placement
  • Business Builder program offers one-on-one consultation with a FindWhat consultant
  • Up to a 3 day review for new keywords
  • Campaigns can take up to two days to set up
  • Minimum deposit of $25 $5 $0.05*
  • Free banner impressions for the top bidder
  • Proprietary KeywordTarget, ContextTarget, and BehavioralTarget allow targeting of keyword, context, and user behavior, respectively.
  • Partners with, and
  • Affiliate distribution through,, and
  • Search and Click Stats by keyword for the previous month
  • Keywords take 1 to 3 days to be displayed
  •  Relatively high minimum bid of $0.05*
  • Must bid on both the singular and plural forms of a keyword
  • Minimum deposit of $50 (non-refundable)
  • Minimum spend of $10 per month
PageSeeker $25 none
  • Excellent customer support
  • Looks like a natural search engine rather than a pay-per-click portal
  • Offers free listing of site
  • Tracks raw, not unique, clicks
  • Minimum deposit of $25
Search 123 $50 $0.01
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to use advertiser interface
  • Quality traffic (good conversion rate)
  • Proxy bid feature allows you to maintain the highest position possible by specifying the maximum you are  willing to spend
  • New listings and listing changes appear almost immediately
  • Distribute through NetZero, Juno, WebDesk and
  • Accepts only English content
  • Minimum deposit of $25
  • Relatively low traffic compared with the major PPC search engines
goClick $10 $0.01
  • Low minimum bid
  • Minimum deposit of just $10
  • New listings and listing changes appear almost immediately
  • AutoBid tool lets you set the maximum bid, and automatically  adjusts your bid to one cent above the next highest bid
  • Partners with,,,, and
  • Mass keyword upload capability
  • Allows PayPal payments
  • Relatively low traffic compared with the major PPC search engines
Enhance $50 $0.03
  • Logo Links - link to your  site through a small logo that accompanies your ad.
  • Offers banner advertising
  • Publicly traded on NASDAQ (MCHX)
  • Relatively low traffic compared with the major PPC search engines
  • $0.03 minimum bid
ePilot $100 $0.07**
  • Excellent support - assigns a client services expert to each account
  • User-friendly interface
  • Over 3 billion monthly searches through and its distribution network of over 290 sites, including,, Pageseeker, and Searchbug
  • Mass keyword submission available
  • Reports include the IP addresses of visitors
  • Minimum spend of $10 a month
  • Advertisers must bid at least $0.07 to have ad appear in all partner sites in ePilot's distribution network


   * Minimum bid is $0.01 if no one else bid on keyword.
 ** Minimum bid is $0.01; bids  $0.07 or above appear across all of the network.

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