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Overture Tips and Suggestions

By Kobesent Solutions

Last time (AdWords Article) I talked about AdWords and how to make a killer AdWords Campaign. This article will show you when and why to use Overture and how to get the most bang for your buck.

I highly recommend using these two PPC engines together... Both have advantages and disadvantages and really compliment each other well. I have found that I get very similar amounts of traffic from each for the most part, but the type of traffic is very different. Basically, I use Google for the "Main Industry Keywords", i.e. the more expensive keywords. I try to list in the top 5 for these keyword in Google and do that by using the tips given in the last tutorial. I will alway list my sites for these keywords in Overture also, but I will only list them highly if they are affordable, which varies by industry.

Overture Advantages

1. You know your price. Unlike Google, Overture is based 100% on how much you are willing to spend. You know exactly where your ads will showup the first day you start your campaign and you can check them every day and tweak your cost to move up or down in the rankings.

2. You can be more selective with your ads. Unlike Google, you don't have to worry much about your CTR. Overture will turn you off if it is horrible (or so I am told) but I have never had any turned off. This means you can really "pre-sell" your product or service from the ad, rather than just trying to get them to come to your site to keep your CTR above .05%. This means you can add the price of your product, etc. so they know EXACTLY what they are getting into before coming to your site. If they won't be interested, they won't click. This will save you money! Warning: Try this out, but don't oversell everything... some people need to get to your site and see your killer copy, promotional text, demos, and testimonials before they will buy!

3. Overture always shows "Exact Matches" over "Broad Matches". This means if you have a very specific keyword that you are paying just 10c for... and someone else is paying $1 for a more broad match your results will come up first. This give you incentive to find LOTS of keywords and customize ads for each one.

Overture Disadvantages

1. Usually more expensive, especially for the top keywords, and also the starting cost (10c rather than 5c for AdWords). This can be a substantial difference with the higher priced keywords, so often times I will list where my budget suggests rather than for position.

2. You have to do more research to get bargins and keep overall costs low. Like I said before, you can get great deals on specific keywords... you just have to find them all and write ads for each one... this is time consuming and sometimes difficult, but worth the effort.

3. No "discount". Unlike Google, your ads are only based on price. For marketing managers who need to know exactly how much they are spending, this is the PPC Engine for them... Therefore, most large companies eat up Overtures top keywords with $10,000+/month budgets. It can be a tough place for a budget of $300/month but you can still get results.

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